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Pharmacy Technician Careers: Work Productivity

Work productivity impacts pharmacy technicians in many ways.  Being more productive at work can mean praise from the boss, raises, or even promotions.  With the heavy work flow that technicians must handle it can seem like a daunting task to stay totally on top of it all.  Here are some ways to make your work day more useful: 
  • Work comes first.  Clearing your head of everything else going on in your life can help improve focus and concentration on your work.  When your mind is cluttered with too many things it simply cannot fully focus on work related tasks.  Focus and concentration is important in pharmacy because every single part of the job must be error free.     
  • Early bird.  Get to work early and show the boss what a great employee you are.  Arriving early at work gives you time to catch up on small things that you may have had to leave behind the day before.  Staying ahead of the game - especially in pharmacy is important because there will always be something new to get done the next day, minute, or hour. 
  • Turn it off!  Turning cell phones and internet devices off at work can really make a difference in your productivity.  When these communication devices are off you can focus on what you need to do in a more directed manner.  In addition, some workplaces forbid the use of personal cell phones, internet, and checking social networks while you are at work so it’s best them keep at bay.      
Being more productive at work can really get you ahead and noticed by the boss.  Not only will you get more done, but you will feel good about yourself on a daily basis. 

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