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Intervention Helps Doctors Communicate More Efficiently When Prescribing

As a pharmacy technician you may notice that patients have many questions when it comes to their medication. Some of these questions come from a lack of good communication by doctors covering the basics and more when they prescribe for their patients.  According to a recent study discussed in the January issue of the Journal of Annals of Family Medicine conducted by UCLA researcher Dr. Derjung Tarn and her colleagues, doctors did not often discuss the cost of medications and drug adherence.  The study suggests that an intervention of sorts covering the following aspects of medication could help doctors improve their prescribing skills. The intervention of discussion would cover the following: 

1.  Medications name. 
2.  The drug’s purpose. 
3.  Directions for usage. 
4.  Duration of usage. 
5.  Potential side-effects. 

Pharmacy technicians know a few of these suggested interventions are covered in pharmacy technician classes within the ‘five rights.’  The study also noted that when doctors participated in intervention classes and intervention training that that their was significant improvement in how vital drug information was relayed to patients.  Researchers also found that doctors went the extra mile and discussed other aspects of a drug beyond the suggested five points.    

Do you think doctors communicate enough when prescribing medication?  What aspects do you think they could improve on when prescribing? 

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