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NPTA Celebrates 14th Anniversary!

The National Pharmacy Technician Association will celebrate its 14th Anniversary on Monday, February 11th.  NPTA is the largest organization representing pharmacy technicians today.  The organization provides endless services to pharmacy technicians in order for them to further pharmacy technician education, career advancement, representation, advocacy, and acknowledgment in the field. 
NPTA has celebrated some important and monumental milestones over the years.  Here’s a look at some of the highlights of the organizations achievements! 
· February 1999.  NPTA was founded in Houston Texas. 
· November 1999.  NPTA opened a corporate office. 
· March 2000.  NPTA launches Today’s Technician Magazine.
· August 2005.  Prentice Hall Health releases ‘The Pharmacy Technician Series’ endorsed by NPTA. 
· January 2009.  Emily’s Law passed to require that pharmacy technicians be at least 18 years of age, register with their state’s BOP, and pass a competency exam.  The legislation also covers specific provisions concerning technician training, education, approved disciplinary actions, and criminal records.   
· July 2013.  NPTA Presents RxPo 2013 pharmacy convention and expo at Mandalay Bay to be held in Las Vegas. 
There are too many successes to list here due to due to the confines of space, but these are some of the great things NPTA has done to advance, promote, and represent the pharmacy technician field! 
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