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Engaging In Effective Listening Skills in the Workplace

Effective listening skills are essential to work productivity and success.  Communication that works includes individuals that can not only speak clearly, but also listen carefully.  Often times, we speak without really thinking about what is being said.  This can have an impact on your success at work and may cost you promotions.  Good listening skills are also important when working as a team to achieve a common or shared goal at work. 

Here are some ways in which good listening skills lead to a better work environment: 

1.  Better customer satisfaction and less error.  In pharmacy it is necessary to be an active listener.  Pharmacy Technicians must listen to the customer carefully and what is being said.  Not hearing what is being said can lead to tragedies such as medication errors that have negative consequences for both patients and technicians. 

2.  Greater productivity.  The success of a pharmacy depends on teamwork.  Everyone has a role to play and must play that role accurately and correctly.  Being on the same page with your pharmacist, pharmacy manager, and fellow pharmacy technicians is necessary for the pharmacy to function in a safe and effective manner to ensure patient needs are met. 

3.  Facts and Figures.  According to SkillsYouNeed.com we spend about 70% of our time communicating and on the average 45% listening, 30% speaking, 16% reading, and 9% writing.  We engage in each of these types of communication skills not only at work, but also in our personal life.  Possessing and using each of these skills on a daily basis gives us practice in becoming a better person at work.

Does your pharmacy practice good communication skills with their staff and customers?  How could the lines of communication be improved in your workplace? 

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