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Pharmacy Technicians Assisting in Increasing the Bottom Line of the Independent Pharmacy

Pharmacy technicians can help suggest ways in which independent pharmacies can reach their bottom line in hopes of drawing more customers to their pharmacy.  Such advice can be passed on to your pharmacist or pharmacy manager.  By taking extra initiative and showing interest in the total workings of the pharmacy you will feel as though you have played an even bigger role in the daily operations of your workplace. 

1.  Promote.  There are many ways in which you can help promote the business of the pharmacy you work in.  If you work as a technician in an independent pharmacy you may be able to go to your boss and share your ideas of promoting the business in an effective manner.  Telling friends and family about your pharmacy, flyer promotion, social media, and web site promotion are all ways in which technicians can assist with business growth.   

2.  Good customer service skills.  Possessing excellent customer service skills do quite a few things for the pharmacy.  Good communication skills and impeccable customer service will keep your customers coming back again and again.  A positive attitude goes a long way and shows your customers that you are there to serve and meet their needs with a smile.  Not only are you a pharmacy technician, but you are also a representative of the pharmacy.  Set a good example for new employees and fellow technicians and your boss will notice. 

3.  Be unique.  Suggest that the pharmacy run some savings promotions each month such as throwing in a free gift with the company’s logo on it.  Also, suggest running specials during cold, flu, and allergy season.  Running promotions during holidays can also be helpful for both the pharmacy and its customers.  People are often busier during the holidays and are looking for more ways to save so it is a perfect time to run savings specials. 

The job of a Pharmacy technician has many facets and is one of great honor and respect.  Technicians that work in independent pharmacies can often make suggestions beyond prescriptions.  Do not be afraid to suggest ideas to your pharmacist or pharmacy manager.  They may be very receptive to your ideas and welcome your insight. 

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