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Youth Interventions Help Lower Prescription Drug Abuse

A study conducted by a team of researchers lead by Dr. Richard L. Spoth, of Iowa State University, found youth living in small towns and rural areas that received community based interventions on the issue of prescription drug abuse had lower rates of drug abuse following adolescence and young adulthood leading to fewer problems later in life.        

Prescription drug abuse can have serious consequences – addiction, poisoning, and death due to a drug overdose. All of these can be a reality for some if they choose to misuse drugs.  The team conducted three randomized controlled studies.  Study one looked at families of 6th graders, study two centered around multi-family focused intervention and life skills training programs in 7th graders from 24 schools, and study three utilized family-focused and school based programs concerning children in grade six from 28 school districts.  
Lead researcher Dr. Spoth recently commented on the findings in the study.  “The intervention effects are comparable or even stronger for participants who had started misusing substances prior to the middle school interventions, suggesting that these programs also can be successful in higher risk groups,” said Spoth. 
Pharmacy technicians may wish to share this information as well as encourage attendance of brief interventions they may be aware of to assist in the fight against prescription drug abuse.        

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