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NABP Releases 2013 Report on Internet Pharmacies

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) recently released their 2013 report on Internet Drug Outlets and the results show that 97% of online pharmacies are not recommended.  NABP defines an online pharmacy that is not recommended as one that does not comply with NABP patient safety rules, practices, standards, state, or federal laws.  According to the NABP 9,938 online pharmacies fell under the category of ‘not recommended.’  Also according to the NABP 8,701 do not require a valid prescription.  The NABP has set forth criteria which defines a pharmacy that meets NABP standards.  Here is a look at the NABP’s Internet Drug Outlet Identification Program criteria and pharmacy practice standards.  Not all of the standards could be discussed here due to space, but the full report and complete list of criteria can be found by going to the NABP web site at www.nabp.net.  

1.  Pharmacy licensure.  Internet pharmacies must be licensed or registered in good standing to operate the internet pharmacy or engage in the pharmacy in all required jurisdictions. 

2.  DEA registration.  The internet pharmacy must be registered with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. 

3.  Prior discipline.  The internet pharmacy and the pharmacist-in-charge will not have been subject to significant and/or repeated discipline and sanctions. 

4.  Validity of prescriptions.  All prescriptions the internet pharmacy accepts must be valid.  A full definition of what constitutes a valid prescription can be found in the NABP report.        

Pharmacy technicians can advise patients to be extremely careful about buying medication from an online pharmacy.  Patients should always look for VIPPS, VetVIPPS, and e-Advertiser logos when they purchase prescriptions online.    

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