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Career Inspiration: Getting Along With the Boss

Throughout your lifetime you will work with many bosses, pharmacists, and pharmacy managers.  Some you will love and some you will wish you had never met.  The truth is that getting along with the boss is something everyone must do, unless of course you are your own boss, and in the pharmacy practice that is not commonplace.  Even Lead pharmacy technicians have a supervisor they must report to everyday.  Here are some expert tips from Kevin Mercadante and owner of the website titled www.OutOfYourRut.com
  • Build a rapport.  Building a rapport with your boss not only builds trust, but  also opens the door to letting your boss get to know you and vice versa.  Let the supervisor know they can trust and rely on you whenever they need to.  Be the ‘go to’ person your boss can count on. 
  • Do more than what is required.  Always make an attempt to do more than what the boss asks for.  Doing more than just what your boss tells you to do shows leadership, initiative, and that you are working for more than just your paycheck.  It shows you care about your boss and your workplace. 
  • Offer words of praise.  Offering words of praise to your boss may sound somewhat foreign, but it will help build a healthy relationship with your supervisor.  It will most certainly payoff and it shows that you care about your superior as a human being as well as their position as the boss. 
It is possible to build a long-lasting association with your supervisor and your job.  The better you get along with your supervisor the better off your work life will be! 

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