25-Mar-13 8:15 AM  CST

CVS Pharmacy Insists Employees Get Healthy or Pay a Fine

CVS Pharmacy has implemented a new policy that would require its employees to submit weight, body fat, body mass, glucose, and other important vitals or be subject to large fines.  If workers agree to the health testing there would be no change in their health insurance, but if they disagree they would be required to pay a $50 a month or $600 a year fine. 
Rhode Island based CVS insists they would not ever see the health test results and that the screening is voluntary.  The large chain pharmacy explained their reasoning behind the testing in a recent story published on ABC news’s website.  CVS backs up the need for these health screenings due to their ‘benefits program evolving to help colleagues take more responsibility for improving their individual health and managing health-associated costs.”  Employees have until May 1st, 2014 to schedule health check-ups and screenings.  In addition, CVS is also warning all workers be tobacco-free by this date or pay penalties.  If smokers are healthy in other specific health categories deemed by the company then they could avoid fines imposed for not adhering to the company’s new rules. 
Are you currently working for CVS as a pharmacy technician?  Will you be affected by the new policies?  What do you think of CVS’s new requirements for employees?  Give NPTA your thoughts. 
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