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Pharmacy and the Disneyland Connection

Did you know from 1955 to 1970 there was a pharmacy on the grounds of Disneyland in Anaheim, California?  The pharmacy was called Upjohn Pharmacy and was located on Disneyland’s Main Street USA.  William E. Upjohn and former Upjohn president Donald S. Gilmore, who was a personal friend of Walt E. Disney, founder of the Disney empire, started the Upjohn Disneyland Pharmacy.

Those who visited the pharmacy were given free orange colored vitamins in glass bottles – a token many visitors still remember today.  In addition, the pharmacy hosted an exhibit by the Upjohn Company, which traced the origins of pharmacy back to the early beginnings of the field.
The Disneyland Upjohn Pharmacy is now the Fortuosity Shop, but one of the windows of the shop still bears the name of Donald S. Gilmore and Upjohn Company founder William E. Upjohn.

Did you ever visit the Disneyland Upjohn Pharmacy when you were a kid?  Did it spark your interest in pharmacy at an early age? 

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