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Wanting Too Much Too Soon in Your Career

At one time or another most individuals feel as though they were entitled to a raise or promotion for hard and honest work, but if you act and feel as though you are too entitled it can be a turn off to your bosses.  A new trend has come about in the workplace with many workers saying ‘they want it all and they want it all now.’  Little do they realize getting what you want too soon can lead to disappointment and a feeling of ‘what now?’  In addition, bosses are also passing up these ‘deservers’ for raises and promotions because they feel they are too deserving and impatient.  Here are a few ways in which you can shine at work without becoming a deserver:       
  • Throw yourself into your work.  Throw yourself into your job and do things no one else wants to do.  If you involve yourself in tasks other employees do not typically take on then you are showing you are not above anyone working with you.  Bosses will appreciate your hard work and good attitude.      
  • Raises.  Ask for a raise at the right time.  Some employers give raises every six months and others give annual raises.  Generally, they are based on quality of work and performance so do your best all the time, not just close to evaluation time. 
  • Promotions.  Ask yourself if you deserve a promotion.  Have you been a productive employee and worked well as a team member for your pharmacy?  Employers are looking for individuals that can work well independently as well as a team.     
Setting your expectations extremely high and expecting too much too soon in your job can lead to resentment and a bad attitude.  Ask for what you want at appropriate times and always give 110%.  You will be pleasantly surprised at what a change of attitude can do for your career!       

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