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Utilizing Effective Time Management in the Workplace

Pharmacy technicians must utilize good time management skills to get their work completed in a timely, but always error free manner.  Time management can be tricky at times, and like anything, takes practice.  Here is a look at some of the best time management strategies to help you make the most of your workday.    

1.  Eliminate unnecessary time wasters.  Draw a line as to what needs to get done right away and what can wait.  Are you a person that checks your phone for new text messages a million times at work?  Do you check your email more than you have to?  All of these little tasks take time and distract you from your work which can lessen productivity.    

2.  Stop multi-tasking.  This sounds impossible to do at work, but the truth is that our brains work better when it can focus and concentrate on the task at hand.  Don’t try to get ahead of yourself – focus on one thing at a time as much as possible. 

3.  Delegate responsibilities.  Do you work as a lead pharmacy technician?  Are you in a position to delegate your responsibilities?  If so, then try to delegate certain duties so you can focus on necessary and more pressing matters. 

4.  Set deadlines.  Set a date and time and do your best to stick to it.  If you make your deadline a few days before the actual due date this allows you time to meet your deadline in case there are things beyond your control which can go wrong. 

5.  Utilize downtime.  Making the most of downtime can give you the needed break you may need.  Utilizing downtime does not mean goofing off, but means you can attend to lose ends, get to the bottom of your email inbox, or unclutter your workspace which increases productivity. 

Time management is a necessary part of becoming a successful pharmacy technician.  Using the most of your time will get you noticed by the boss and will show them you are good employee.  Do you have time management tips you would like to share with fellow pharmacy technicians?  



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