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FDA Creates New Invention to Fight Counterfeit Malaria Drugs

The FDA has created a new invention in the fight against sub-standard and counterfeit Malaria drugs called the Counterfeit Detector Device, version 3, or CD-3.  The battery operated handheld device will be deployed and tested in Ghana this year and a second testing program will be in an undetermined location according to the FDA.  The innovative new tool will help scientists identify fake Malaria drugs, which are often not identifiable to most people.  The CD-3 offers a quick, easy, and inexpensive manner in which to identify counterfeit meds.               


According to the FDA, Malaria is a disease which kills more than 660,000 individuals each year.  In those numbers, the most stricken with Malaria are children.     

Melinda K. Plaisier, the FDA’s acting Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs recently commented on the new CD-3 invention.  “CD-3 illustrates the spirit of innovation and the commitment to public health that our scientists have.  They saw a need and invented a technology to address it.  It started off solving an immediate problem in FDA labs, and now is being leveraged to impact global health,” said Plaisier. 


The FDA will be providing the tools and training for the new gadget and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) will provide technical help for users of the CD-3. 


Do you think devices like the CD-3 will ever be used in pharmacies to identify fake medications?  Do you think the CD-3 is a good idea? 


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