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Utilizing Social Media to Find a Pharmacy Technician Job

Social Media is a tool many present and future pharmacy technicians are using to find employment in their field.  There are a few tips in which a technician can utilize to find their job of choice.  Here is a look at the top social media sites in which you may want to take a look at when seeking employment as a pharmacy technician:        


• Facebook.  Using Facebook to find a job is probably not the first place you may have thought of when looking for employment, but if you visit and like the pages of reputable pharmacy technician organizations like NPTA, you can then connect with other professionals in the field of pharmacy who may know of pharmacy technician job openings.  If you have a Facebook profile please clean it up to look neat and professional. 


• Twitter.  Twitter can serve as a quick way to search for current job listings.  The links posted as part of the tweets can lead you to employment search web sites where you can browse various technician jobs.  Virtually everyone has a Twitter account and you can connect and follow other pharmacy technicians or large organizations such as the FDA or CDC for top medical news.     


• LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is one of the most respected sites used for networking in work and professional settings.  If you do not have a LinkedIn account consider opening one as building your profile can assist you in finding connections and also enable you to build a rapport with other individuals in the pharmacy world.  Recruiters and hiring managers can search your profile and you may make contact with someone that may lead you to your dream job in pharmacy. 


Using social media responsibly to find a job can be a new learning experience and also rewarding for technicians.  Looking beyond the daily newspaper and online classified sections will help broaden your employment search in ways you may have not thought of originally.      


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