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Summertime Fun and Avoiding Open Flames with Sunscreen

Summertime is a source of fun for most people, but staying safe during summer months is a must.  Using a proper sunscreen can help prevent against sunburns and skin cancers for those who like to spend time in the sun.  However, sunscreen is a flammable substance and should not be used near flames.  This may sound like common sense to some, but the FDA has become aware of five separate incidences where individuals have suffered significant burns and injury due to spraying sunscreen near open flames.  In an effort to enforce safety, the FDA voluntarily recalled a variety of sunscreens that are extremely flammable.  These products should no longer be on the market or on store shelves. 

The FDA is also warning sun lovers to beware of using hairsprays, products that contain alcohol, insect repellents, and non-spray sunscreens that are flammable around open flames, ignition sources, or sparks.  Other sources of flames are cigarettes, citronella candles, grills, and welding areas.  There have been reports of people becoming so badly burned that they have needed to seek medical attention.  

Narayan Nair, M.D., and lead medical officer at the FDA recently commented on the problems with sunscreen and open flames.  “Based on this information, we recommend that after you have applied sunscreen spray labeled as flammable consider avoiding being near an open flame, sparks, or an ignition source,” said Nair. 

Pharmacy technicians can encourage sunscreen safety by urging pharmacy customers to use screen and other flammable products sensibly.  NPTA wishes everyone a great remainder of the summer! 




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