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Remembering Halloween Safety This Holiday

It’s almost that time of year again for lots of fun (and yes) candy.  As a pharmacy technician you may run across parents concerned about Halloween safety for their children.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published some updated Halloween tips and here are a few ways in which kids and kids at heart can stay well this holiday: 


  • Snacking.  Parents should avoid letting their kids snack on the way while trick-or-treating.  Suggest that children wait until they are home to carefully inspect their bag full of goodies and make sure they eat something before heading out. 


  • Temptations.  As temping as it may be for kids and adults – avoid eating raw cake batter and cookie dough. 


  • Inspect.  Parents of young children should inspect their candy that is commercially wrapped and look out for any unusual discoloration or appearance, tiny pin holes, or noticeable tears in treat wrappers.  Also tell children not to accept treats or candy that is not commercially wrapped. 


  • Parties.  Keep perishable foods chilled or refrigerated until the party starts.  Very cold temperatures will scare away spooky bacteria and be sure not to leave food out for more than two hours. 


            Pharmacy technicians can remind patients and pharmacy customers to have fun this season, but they can also help remind them how to keep healthy and safe during this time. 




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