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Work Tips Tuesday: What Not to Say to Your Boss

Some things you should avoid saying to your boss are self-explanatory, but may be forgotten after you get comfortable with a manager or company.  Bosses and employees appreciate mutual respect and hope you would avoid saying some of these faux-pas on the job!  Here is a look at some of the no-no’s:    


  • I can’t.  It’s best to try and avoid saying I can’t to your boss in regards to projects or work loads.  Most of them do not want to hear it and it is a sure-fire turn off if you are trying to get a promotion or want to stay employed.    


  • Excuses.  Coming up with a ton of excuses why your deadline was not met or a project was not completed will sound unprofessional to your boss.  Be honest and tell them what went wrong and why it went wrong.  The boss will appreciate your honesty and you will gain more respect by showing transparency. 


  • It’s Not My Responsibility.  Sometimes it is necessary to do things we do not really want to do in a job.  It’s best to do whatever the duty is and not give your boss trouble about performing the task at hand.  Chances are whatever you have been asked to do is not that bad and you will show your manager that you have a ‘can do’ attitude about your job. 


            Saying the wrong thing can cost you so always think before you speak!  You will be glad you did.  To read more informative career articles please go to: www.pharmacytechnician.org




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