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Work Tips Tuesday: Surviving Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the heaviest shopping days of the year and it’s no surprise that working Black Friday can be a challenge – even for the swiftest retail pharmacy technician.  Many technicians are asked to work during the busiest time of the year knowing that the retail store will be more crowded, and the need for more trained staff increases.  Here are some helpful tips to get you through: 


  • Take Care.  It may sound simple, but get a good nights sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and bring a lunch with you.  Taking care of yourself first means you will be prepared to take care of others as they come to your pharmacy to pick up a prescription, ask a healthcare question, or shop the sales. 


  • Pharmacy’s have sales too.  Some pharmacies have sales on Black Friday too so be prepared for extra workloads, more questions, and potentially rushed customers. 


  • Stay positive.  Going into work with a positive outlook will help you survive the day and remember to lookout for the shoppers who are glad to be out and part of the madness.   


  • Remember.  Remember this is a time for your pharmacy to shine.  Whether your retail pharmacy uses this special  day to reach out to customers with specials in the pharmacy or it’s business as usual, make it a memorable day by going the extra mile for a stressed out or sick customer and show them you care. 


          Is your pharmacy running specials on Black Friday?  Are you scheduled that day to work around all the hustle and bustle? 




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