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Free Publications Available on Medication Safety

Pharmacy professionals can provide a wealth of knowledge and information to their patients and customers concerning medication safety and other pharmaceutical topics through the site publications.usa.gov.  Some of their resources include:  


  • Stop, learn, go tips for talking to the pharmacist.  Reminding patients to connect with their pharmacist on medication, health problems, and questions are an area pharmacy technicians can be a pro at.  Stop, learn, go tips are helpful bits of knowledge patients can read over and discuss with their pharmacist to enable them to take a more proactive role in their health.    


  • My Medicines:  Take time to care.  This brochure provides a good guide for patients so they can be reminded to use their medications correctly.  Many people do not take their prescriptions as directed and find they have taken them incorrectly.  This may lead to drugs not working properly or may cause serious consequences resulting in sickness or death. 


            More resources may be found by going to www.publications.usa.gov.  Pharmacy technicians may wish to recommend the site to customers so they can continue to be better informed about their prescriptions and their life. 




1.  “Free Resources Help People Stick to Their Prescriptions.”  Publications.Usa.gov.  Web.  Date of Access:  22 Dec 2013.    

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