14-Aug-04 3:00 PM  CST

NPTA Unveils Professional Roadmap

Over a year ago, members of NPTA's Executive Advisory Board met and made a commitment to research and publish a consensus report on the status of the pharmacy technician profession and a guide for states to use as the profession continues to evolve. The final product, which was announced Monday, June 21, 2004, is the Professional Roadmap for Pharmacy Technicians - a special report from the National Pharmacy Technician Association.

NPTA's president, Andrew Cordiale, CPhT, unveiled the report to pharmacy technicians gathered in San Antonio, Texas from across the United States.  "The Roadmap will aide in setting a national definition for the pharmacy technician profession," explained Cordiale.  The five-page report provides a background on the profession, the vision adopted by NPTA for the future of the industry and specicific commitments NTPA is making to ensure the continued progression of practicing pharmacy technicians.

Specific components of the report were explained by Board Members Robin Luke, CPhT and Jenny Byard, CPhT during the same session.  Issues addressed by NPTA in the report range from defining levels for pharmacy technicians to the practice of tech-check-tech in filling prescriptions; formal education requirements, training and continuing education are also addressed.  Cordiale summarized the importance of this report by stating, "The Roadmap for Pharmacy Technicians is a crucial step in the evolution of our profession...pharmacy technicians."

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