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Remembering National Drug Facts Week

National Drug Facts Week - January 27th - February 2nd, 2014 is an event pharmacy technicians will find most interesting.  National Drug Facts Week is a week long national observance to ‘help teens shatter the myths about drugs and addiction’ according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).  The event is organized by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

            NIDA Director Dr. Nora D. Volkow recently commented on National Drug Facts Week and its importance to every community nationwide.  “All over the country, communities have been asking for non-judgmental information about drugs that will engage teens.  This week-long observance gives us an opportunity to come together as a nation for one week to focus on the science behind drugs and clarify many myths about addiction fostered by our popular culture,” said Volkow. 

             NIDA offers an online toolkit, teen booklet titled “Drugs:  Shatter the Myths,” and a short multiple choice quiz used to educate and test the drug knowledge of teens.  This very important awareness week will also give kids the sound resources they need to understand how drugs work and how they affect their brain, body, and behavior. 

            Schools, organizations, and pharmacies may want to check out sample press and media releases publicizing National Drug Facts Week where they may insert their company’s name or organization into the releases so they may have some direct involvement in promoting the event.

Pharmacy technicians wishing to learn more about National Drug Facts Week may go to www.drugfactsweek.drugabuse.gov




National Drug Facts Week Press Materials.  www.drugfactsweek.drugabuse.gov

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