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Encouraging the Use of Probiotics in Pharmacy


            Probiotics can be useful in many ways.  Some individuals use them to combat the nasty side-effects of antibiotics and patients may also use them on a regular basis to treat and prevent different illnesses and conditions.  Probiotics come in many forms and pharmacy customers may not know which form to take.  As a pharmacy technician, it is helpful to know what probiotics are and how they can assist customers and patients in feeling better.  Here is a look at some of the forms of probiotics: 


  • Food Forms.  Probiotics come in food forms where they can be purchased from a drug store, health food store, or grocery.  Drinkable probiotics may prove useful for those wishing to not have to swallow a capsule.  Probiotic drinks often come in good tasting flavors to give some taste to the person taking them. 


  • Capsule Forms.  Capsule forms of probiotics may be purchased from leading and independent drug stores.  The price is usually minimal compared to the benefits of taking probiotics. 


            Stefano Guandalini, MD, and Professor of Gastroenterology at the University of Chicago School of Medicine, recently commented on the use of probiotics in a WebMD feature.  “Some people prefer to take probiotics in the form of food.  Others prefer taking a capsule or powder.  “It’s really a matter of personal preference,” said Guandalini.  More can be found on probiotics by going to www.usprobiotics.org





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