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Research Shows More Individuals Make Healthier Online Searches On a Monday

Do people really think healthier thoughts and conduct healthier online searches on Mondays? A recent study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine indicates that individuals may be making healthier weekly online searches on a Monday compared to any other day of the week.

            Researchers from San Diego State University, Santa Fe Institute, Johns Hopkins University, and the Monday Campaign looked at Internet searches which included the word ‘healthy’ in online Google searches that originated in the United States from 2005 to 2012. Every year the searches were consistent with Mondays being the main day health searches were conducted. However, healthy searches were lowest on a Saturday.

John Ayers, leader of the study commented on its findings.  “Many illnesses have a weekly clock with spikes early in the week. This research indicates that a similar rhythm exists for positive health behaviors, motivating a new research agenda to understand why this pattern exists and how such a pattern can be utilized to improve the public’s health,” said Ayers.  Johanna Cohen, co-author of the study also recently commented on the newfound research.  “We could be seeing this effect because of the perception that Monday is a fresh start, akin to a mini New Year’s Day.  People tend to indulge in less healthy behaviors on the weekend, so Monday can serve as a “health reset” to get back on track with their health regimes,” said Cohen.

Do you see more people asking health questions at the pharmacy on a Monday? Do you see more prescriptions filled on that day? Give us your thoughts and experiences.



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