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Work Tips: Coping When You Are Overwhelmed At Work

We all need to work for a living and learning how to cope with being overwhelmed on the job is essential to being successful in your career. Being overwhelmed at your place of work is no fun and coping skills must be established to deal with overwhelming feelings about your workload.


  • Early Birds. Go to work early if you can. Getting yourself established at your desk before things get too crazy can help you knock out some of the email already pilling up in your in-box. Attend to messages you could not get to the day before and mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead with a few minutes of meditation or get your coffee fix in the break room before work starts.
  • Bond with the boss. I had a boss in college who took a therapy walk to the Starbucks Coffee on campus everyday. Sometimes I would go with him if I could get away from work at the same time.  We got time to bond as a boss and employee over coffee and it got us both out of the office.  I used to go lunch with another boss of mine and let me tell you those times were great. We got to discuss editorial decisions for the week and had a nice time too. Bond with your boss – they won’t bite! When you bond with the boss you can also discuss your feelings of being overwhelmed and how you can work on the issue together.


            If you are overwhelmed at work please do not quit.  Discuss being overwhelmed at work with your boss and consider discussing your feelings with a professional counselor if you need to.  They are trained to help you put things into perspective.





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