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How Pharamcy Techs Can Help Patients Practice Mindfulness Concerning Their Medications During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here and it can pack a wallop all too soon if you are not prepared for it. If you have developed a plan for the season that is great, but if you have not then it’s time to get to it. Pharmacy technicians can be a great help when it comes to reminding patients about their medication.  Hurricane season sometimes means an evacuation is in order so remembering your meds is key to being prepared for the season.


  • Check-ups. If you haven’t had a check-up in awhile, schedule one now.  It is better to know the condition of your health before possible disaster strikes. Also discuss with your doctor if you need to be on any new medication or just maintenance doses. This will better prepare you for hurricane season in case you have any health conditions that need attention.


  • Refill reminders. Do some cleaning out of your medicine cabinet and see what medications you need refills on. Just in case you have to evacuate from dangerous conditions you will be up to date on essential mediations. Once you evacuate it can be hard to obtain needed medications. Do not get stuck without them.


  • Update. Update your name, address, phone, email, and new allergies to medications with your pharmacy technician. Also, let the pharmacy technician know of any new medications you may be taking since you last went to the pharmacy.


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