18-Jun-14 12:45 PM  CST

AZO Introduces New Natural Bladder Control Pill

AZO has announced a new product to their healthy bladder line. AZO Bladder Control with ‘go less’ offers a non-drug alternative to bladder control. Bladder control problems affect people of all ages and can be a pain for many women because they feel they have to map out where the nearest bathroom location is. This fear and worry about having to go more than usual affects many women on a daily basis and also affects personal health, relationships, and social outings. 

            AZO Bladder Control with go less contains a blend of pumpkin seed extract and other naturally sourced ingredients to help promote and optimize normal bladder activity and bladder strength for a normal bathroom routine. Patients should ask their pharmacist if the new AZO product is for them. The product contains soybean germ and pumpkin seed extract that may interfere with other OTC and prescription medications patients are taking. 

            Having to go often may mean the signs of a UTI or other more serious bladder issue. Patients should discuss their symptoms with their doctor to rule out serious health problems. AZO Bladder Control with ‘go less is currently on retail shelves and can be purchased for a fairly reasonable price. Pharmacy technicians can learn more about AZO Bladder Control by going to www.azobladder.com.





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