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Will MedAvail Pharmacy Self-Serve Kiosks Change The Way Pharmacy Is Traditionally Practiced In The Future?

Tele-health, tele-psychiatry, and tele-pharmacy are virtually everywhere. Patients can speak to a doctor about their health concern, pay by credit/debit card, and get a prescription called into their local pharmacy within minutes to be picked up within a short period of time. Now Walgreen’s Pharmacy is piloting self-service pharmacy kiosks called MedAvail, produced by a Canadian firm.

            Pharmacy customers feed their prescription into a scanner located in the kiosk which is then sent to the pharmacy, the prescription is then filled, and a personal consultation with a pharmacist is readily made available through the kiosk, and the prescription is then paid for with a debit or credit card. Insurance and identification is also accepted through the kiosk. The pharmacist is also available for any questions the pharmacy customer may have and a phone handset located on the kiosk may be used for a more private consultation.  According to MedAvail’s web site the pharmacy kiosk is available 24 hours a day.

            Jim Cohn, spokesman for Walgreen’s recently commented on the MedAvail Kiosks for Drug Store News. “Our strategy is to provide access and convenience to patients to help them obtain their medications on-site in a timely-manner. “Knowing that approximately 30% of the prescriptions written by a prescriber go unfilled, this technology may allow us to begin to address some of these issues by providing another convenient option to have prescriptions filled,” said Cohn.

            Do you think it is possible that pharmacy kiosks will ever replace traditional brick-and-motor pharmacies? Also, do you think the role of the pharmacy technician will change due to these technological advances?




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