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Pharmacist Adherence Interventions Help Lower Healthcare Costs and Also Benefit Patients

Community pharmacists that adhere to interventions to benefit patients do more than just help patients take their medications correctly.  Their interventions also help save on healthcare costs as well. According to a new study lead by researchers at the University of Pittsburg, the interventions can have a dramatic impact on patient’s lives and healthcare costs. The findings were reported in “Health Affairs.”  Researchers also say these community pharmacists’ interventions also reduce the number of emergency room visits and hospital admissions. This in turn, lowers healthcare costs for asthma, diabetes, and other ongoing health conditions. 

            Janice Pringle, Associate Professor, and Director of the Program Evaluation and Research Unit at the Pitt’s School of Pharmacy and leader of the study recently commented on the importance of community pharmacists. “Their training, knowledge, and community accessibility perhaps makes them the ideal health professionals to help people learn how and why to take their medications.  This untapped resource could be harnessed and used to improve public health and reduce overall healthcare costs.  If people took their medications as prescribed, diabetes would not evolve and worsen, blood pressure would normalize, cholesterol would be reduced dramatically, and the risk for severe health problems, such as heart attack or stroke, would be reduced. Patients would live longer and probably enjoy a higher quality of life,” said Pringle.

            Community pharmacists and technicians do a service to the community that is profound and makes a difference in each and every patient’s life. Without both of these health professionals, medication adherence would definitely decline.




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