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October 2014: Celebrating American Pharmacists Month

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians play an extremely important role on the pharmacy stage. Pharmacists are at the core of the pharmacy and provide crucial needs beyond filling prescriptions. They also are there to council patients on their medications and help patients adhere to them.  Pharmacy managers play an even bigger role in the pharmacy and have a great responsibility on their shoulders to make sure the pharmacy runs smoothly, whether it is an institutional or community pharmacy. NPTA and the APhA (American Pharmacists Association) want to remind patients and the pharmacy community of American Pharmacists Month 2014. Show your appreciation today to your pharmacist by considering the following to show them how much you care and appreciate their hard work:


Get to know them.  The theme of American Pharmacists Month is “Know Your Pharmacist, Know Your Medicine.” Your store or hospital can host an informational day featuring each pharmacist that works at your store or hospital and technicians can help with this day by helping create a flyer with the pharmacist’s bio and picture on it, and hand it out with the patient’s prescription. This will help spread the word to patients that their pharmacist is there for them should they have questions about their prescriptions or other health concerns.


Banners.  Get together with fellow pharmacy technicians and make a banner to hang up in your pharmacy celebrating American Pharmacists Month. Also consider switching out the regular bags used for prescriptions and have some made with American Pharmacists Month printed on them.


Show Some Love.  Come on, show some love!  Take your pharmacist out to lunch during the month of October or have a special cake made just for them. Your pharmacist or pharmacy manager will appreciate you for it and remember you all year long for this special treat.


            Please go to www.pharmacist.com/american-pharmacists-month to learn about more ways in which you can celebrate this very important month in pharmacy.





1.  APhA American Pharmacists Month Materials.  http://www.pharmacist.com/american-pharmacists-month   

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