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Research Study Shows Children May Receive as much Pain Relieve from Ibuprofen as they do with Morphine

Prescribing and dosing prescription pain medication for children can be a very sensitive matter. Many people believe children are small adults, and that reducing adult doses of medications is sufficient when dosing children. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Children are often unable to take the same medications as adults, simply because their young bodies have not matured enough to absorb and metabolize the medications safely. It is for this reason that extreme caution must be used when prescribing and dosing prescription pain medication for children.

            A recent research study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal references a study conducted at the Children’s Hospital in London, Ontario, Canada, found that when it came to pain control and relief for children, ibuprofen was just as effective as the prescription opioid, morphine. 134 children between the ages of 5 and 17 were evaluated for the study.

            The randomized, blinded study focused on the amount of pain relief the children received after being given either ibuprofen or morphine. The children, who had been hospitalized with limb fractures, were given either 4 doses of normal release morphine or 4 doses of ibuprofen, with the maximum amounts each day being, based upon weight, 10mg of morphine and 600mg of ibuprofen. The study showed that when the children were asked to rank their pain, based upon the Faces Pain Scale, the children receiving the ibuprofen received as much relief as the children receiving the morphine.

The additional benefit children received by using ibuprofen verse morphine for pain was the reduction of side effects. The children who received morphine were more likely to have side effects such as nausea and vomiting as well as drowsiness. The study helped to solidify earlier study findings that also targeted pain relief in children. The FDA has previously released information that also confirms these findings.





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