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Not All News About Lactose Intolerance Is Bad

According to a recent article published in the journal Nature people who have a lower tolerance for lactose may have a decreased risk for certain cancers. The study showed that people who typically did not tolerate lactose product, and consumed lower amounts of dairy and milk may have a lower risk for developing some forms of cancer, such as lung, breast, and ovarian. Researchers pointed out that the highest number of breast and ovarian cancers are seen in North America, Western Europe, and Scandinavian countries, all areas of the World where there are large consumptions of diary and milk products. The researchers further pointed out that East and Central African countries had the lowest incidence of these forms of cancers, and coincidentally are areas of the World where dairy and milk consumptions tend to be lower.

An undeniable link between specific cancers and diary and milk product has yet to be concluded, and the sponsors of these independent studies, the American Cancer Institute, and the World Cancer Fund, caution people to this fact. The study was only conducted on patients who have intolerance for diary and milk products and not by lowering diary and milk consumption in patients who fully tolerate lactose products. The results of the study only suggest, not conclude that a lower consumption of lactose based products helps to lower certain cancer risks.

            What the study may effectively prove is that diet may be liked to certain cancer risks and not simply limit risks to hereditary or environmental factors. This is not the first time milk and dairy product have been linked to cancer. A 2012 study published by Medical News Todays and conducted by Lund University suggested that drink milk helped in reducing the progression of colon cancer. The study showed that the milk protein lactoferricin4-14 helped to reduce the number of colon cancer cells and assisted in DNA repair.





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