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Changes from PTCB in regards to CE- Recertification start January 1st 2015

National certification of the pharmacy technician has been single the greatest advancement to the pharmacy technician’s career over the last two decades, so when the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) announced coming changes to certification, continuing education (CE) credits and recertification last year, it was big news. A recent November press release from PTCB spells out the coming CE credit changes needed for recertification.

            Beginning in 2015 all CE credits for recertification must be pharmacy technician specific in order to meet the new PTCB guidelines. Certified pharmacy technicians that have already completed CE credits that do not meet this requirement will be allowed count the completed CE towards part of the mandatory 20 credits needed for recertification, as long as all credits are completed and filed by December 31st 2014. Any CE credits that do not meet these criteria after the deadline may not be used.

Another important change to continuing education credits involves the use of in-service hours. Beginning January 1st 2015 certified pharmacy technicians will only be permitted to use 5 hours of in-service towards the mandated 20 credits for recertification. In previous years technicians were permitted to use a total of 10 in-service hours.

            Additional changes to CE credit requirements will be coming in 2016 as well. Starting in 2016 PTCB will only allow 10 hours of college credit to count towards the mandated 20 CE hours. Currently, the allowable number of college credit hours is 15. By the year 2018, PTCB will completely phase out the use of in-service hours towards CE recertification.

            One of the greatest changes will take place in 2020, when PTCB will require all new certification candidates to complete an American Society of Health Systems Pharmacist (ASHP) approved program, before taking the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). PTCB and ASHP are working together to advance the career of the pharmacy technician, and to create a national standard for education and certification for the pharmacy technician. NPTA encourages the backing of national standard for the pharmacy technician.




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