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New Study Suggests that Diary Products may play a role in the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes

Remember when your mother told you to drink all of your milk? A recent study indicates that she may have known what she was talking about. Researchers believe it is still far to early to arrive at a conclusion about the connection between diary and type 2 diabetes, but a conclusion doesn’t seem that far off. Michael Tunick a research chemist with the United States Agricultural Research Center, a division of the US Department of Agriculture, states that a recent report in the November issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry finds that diary products have been beneficial in helping to lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, preventing tooth decay, some forms of cancer, and obesity, but now possibly preventing type 2 diabetes.

Researchers gathered the results from 17 different studies and found that patients who ate diary products on a regular basis had a lower risk for being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes than those in the studies who did not eat dairy products on a regular basis. Patients that ate yogurt had a 19% less chance of developing type 2 diabetes than those who did not eat yogurt. It should be pointed out that the research on yogurt did not discriminate whether the yogurt was plain or flavored, so no significant information was available. Researchers feel that probiotics found in yogurt that helps to reduce “bad” bugs in the intestines may be the reason why yogurt has been so effective in helping to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

As stated earlier, the information concerning diary and type 2 diabetes is still inconclusive, but a as research continues it the links seems to become much more substantiated.







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