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PTCB Changes Requirement for Mandatory Criminal Background Checks

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) has been a positive force in the advancement of the pharmacy technician over the last decade. The largest certification body for pharmacy technicians made headlines in the pharmacy community last year when they announced changes to the requirements for certification. One of the most significant changes was a requirement for all candidates to submit to a criminal background check prior to taking the examination. Along with continuing education changes and future requirements regarding education standards for the potential candidates, the addition of criminal background check for candidates was seen as a positive move forward for the career of the certified pharmacy technician. However, earlier this week PTCB changed their stance on the requirement for criminal background checks and will not be enforcing this requirement.

Taking into consideration feedback from stakeholders as well as extensive research and study, PTCB has decided to forgo the proposed requirement for candidate criminal background check. PTCB does however state that they continue to encourage the use of background checks for pharmacy technicians from state boards of pharmacy. Under current PTCB regulations for certification pharmacy technician candidates must disclose any primary criminal and State Board of Pharmacy licensing or registration issues, and this action will continue. Under PTCB’s proposed requirement for criminal background checks, candidates would need to submit to criminal background check prior to taking the certification exam. This change, at least for the moment, has been discarded and candidates will not be required to submit to a criminal background check as part of the certification process.

It is important to remember that PTCB has the right to change the requirements of  the  pharmacy technician certification exam at their discretion, and that any violation of PTCB’s code of ethics, felony history or history involving drug related charges are grounds for immediate candidate disqualification or revoking of current certification. Pharmacy technicians with questions regarding criminal background checks and certification should visit their state board of pharmacy’s website or PTCB at http://www.ptcb.org/.




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