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In a historic effort, delegates of AAPT, NPTA and PTEC (the three US organizations focused on pharmacy technicians) met on Labor Day, 9-6-04, in New Orleans and signed an official Statement of Unity.

Here is the content of the Statement of Unity:

"As a historic event, selective key leaders of AAPT, NPTA and PTEC met for the first time to establish a united voice for pharmacy technicians.

We respect the history and culture of our respective organizations.

We commit to proactively work together to address technician issues, such as member’s needs, education (both initial and continuing), roles and responsibilities, certification, regulations and their impact on patient care.

We plan to continue our association together on an international, as well as domestic, scope in the united belief in the value of pharmacy technicians in the practice of pharmacy."

This article was signed by:

Susan Jeffrey,CPhT - President of AAPT
Mike Johnston, CPhT - Executive Director of NPTA
Robin Luke, CPhT - Vice-President of NPTA
Jeanie Barkett, RPh - President of PTEC


For information on AAPT, visit www.pharmacytechnician.com

For information on NPTA, visit www.pharmacytechnician.org

For information on PTEC, visit www.rxptec.org


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