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Government Changes Longstanding Warnings About Cholesterol and Health

For years doctors and dieticians warned us against eating foods high in cholesterol, but it seem recently the Department of Health and Human Services has had a change of heart. Every five years the Department of Health and Human Services publishes the “Dietary Guidelines for Americans”. The report, which is a guideline for everything from the school lunches children eat to the recommendations physician us for dietary habits came with one of the most surprising changes in recent years.

The report essential reverses almost 40 years of warnings against eating foods high in cholesterol. Nutritionists now believe that healthy adults that eat foods high in cholesterol may not have as much affect on the levels of cholesterol in the blood as first thought. Furthermore, the report suggests that foods high in cholesterol may not have as much affect on the risk of heart attack or stroke as once thought.

Nutritionists and researchers warn the problem with cholesterol laden food does not necessarily lie with the food itself, eggs, shrimp, lobster, but rather the amount of that particular food. Nutritionists are also quick to point out that patients with other underlying chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, should still be careful to follow the dietary advice given to them by their physician.

When dietary guidelines where first published by the American Heart Association in 1961 it was implemented by the Federal government and the dietary shift was on, which eventually would be lead to a dietary shift for the American public. The egg industry had a 30% drop in consumer consumption and farmers suffered. While the Health and Human Services department stresses that patients should speak with their physician before any significant dietary changes, particularly if they have they have a chronic health condition, the changes to the report have been a long time coming.





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