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Green Tea May Help Decrease the Effects of Dementia

There appears to be more good news about the affects of green tea. According to a report released this week at the International Conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases drinking green tea may help decrease the affects of dementia and mild to moderate memory loss and cognition. The Japanese study, which followed patient older than 60 years of age, grouped the study by how many times a week patient drank green tea. Groups included those who did not drink any green tea, those who drank green tea 1-6 times a week, and those who drank green tea everyday. The study did not further separate groups based upon factors such as those who smoked, drank coffee, used alcohol or by gender.

723 individuals began the study with 490 individuals completing the entire study, including the follow up survey. The results found that participants of the study who drank green tea every day or at least 1-6 times a week had less of a mental decline than those who did not drink any green tea. Participants who drank green tea every day or at least 1-6 times a week scored higher in memory and cognitive thinking testing, were engaged in regular hobbies, and had more education than those participating in the study who drank no green tea.

The study, which did not indicate the length of time participants had been drinking green tea, are not conclusive, but rather encourage the need for further study about the beneficial affects some drinks, including coffee and black tea, may have on the body. There are some preliminary findings that point towards a favorable link between affects of drinking coffee and guarding against Parkinson’s disease and dementia, but like green tea studies are not conclusive and more time is needed to draw any definite findings.





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