28-Sep-10 11:00 AM  CST

Amgen Recalls Anemia Drugs Epogen and Procrit

Biotech pharmaceutical company Amgen has issued a voluntary recall of anemia drugs Epogen and Procrit because of glass flakes that were found in certain lots.

The recall affects about 200 lots of Epogen and 155 lots of Procrit. The extremely thin, barely visible glass flakes are the result of the way the drug interacts with the glass vials in which it is packaged over the drug’s shelf life. Patients who have been injected with the drugs could suffer from blood clots, immune system reactions and vascular problems. So far, Amgen has received no reports of adverse events associated with the recalled drugs.

Epogen is used to treat anemia in patients with kidney disease on dialysis. Procrit is primarily used to treat anemia in patients receiving chemotherapy and in patients with HIV. A full list of the recalled lots is available on the Epogen and Procrit drug description web pages www.procrit.com and www.epogen.com. Health care professionals are advised to inspect their lots of Procrit and Epogen for any visible matter or discoloration before administering the drugs. Amgen will replace any recalled products as supplies last.

Health care professionals should report any adverse reactions patients experience that may be related to the recalled lots to Amgen and the FDA MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting Program. More information on the recall is available in an online release by Amgen.

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