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Compounding Certificate Course


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Start: 7/11/2019 8:30:00 AM
End: 7/12/2019 5:00:00 PM


NPTA Faculty


NPTA Training Institute


10-Jul-19 8:30 AM

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07/10/2019 08:30

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Course Details
The course requirements include:
 - 10 Home Study Modules with Exams
 - 2 Days Hands-On Training

How the Course Works
Participants must complete eleven separate modules of home-based learning, comprised of a reading assignment and comprehensive exam. A score of 70% or higher is required for each exam.  After completing the home-based study modules, participants attend and complete NPTA’s two-day Pharmaceutical Compounding Training Institute, located at the NPTA Training Institute in Houston, Texas.

Home Study Modules
 - Introduction to Compounding/Compounding Practices & Considerations
 - Facilities, Equipment & Supplies
 - Quality Assurance & Record Keeping
 - Capsules, Tablets & Powders
 - Lozenges, Troches, Sticks & Suppositories
 - Solutions, Suspensions & Emulsions
 - Ointments, Creams, Pastes & Gels
 - Ophthalmic, Otic & Nasal Preparations
 - Medication Flavoring
 - Veterinary Compounding

Hands-On Training Labs
 - Capsules
 - Carbomer Gels
 - Creams
 - Gelatin Troches
 - Lip Balms
 - Medicated Lollipops
 - PEG Troches
 - PLO Gels
 - Solutions
 - Suspensions 
 - Suppositories
 - Tablet Triturates
 - Coloring/Flavoring
 - Quality Assurance Methods
 - Record Keeping

Tuition Fee
$748 NPTA Members
$798 Non-Members

Please note: This course is non-refundable.
Rescheduling is subject to a $250 change fee and is based on availability.

What's Included
Tuition includes: Two day hands-on training institute, lunch/snacks on both training days, use of laboratory equipment and supplies, statement of CE credit and an Official Certificate of Validated Training, upon successful completion.
CPE Credits
40.0 Contact Hours/4.0 CEU
Program Type: Practice

Pharmacy Technicians: 0384-0000-18-003-H07-T/0384-0000-18-003-L07-T
Pharmacists: 0384-0000-18-003-H07-P/0384-0000-18-003-L07-P

Re-release Date: 02/01/2018  Expiration Date: 02/01/2021


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  Harrell Jones

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  (832) 426-2676

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