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Help Send a Tech to Haiti

Pharmacy Technicians...we need your help!
Gladys Battle is a hospital pharmacy technician from Pennsylvania. She needs to raise $3,000 so that she can travel to Haiti and assist with helping the victims in Haiti by preparing IVs. We, at NPTA, want to help her raise the money she needs.
In the wake of the tragic disaster in Haiti, medical officials and rescue workers from every profession have come from all over the world, devoting their time, their skills and their love to help the families in Haiti. We, at NPTA, embrace any opportunity to help a pharmacy technician assist.
To help Gladys raise the money she needs, NPTA has created a fundraising page to help her reach her goal of $3,000. If 300 technicians donate just $10, that would be more than enough for Gladys to pay for travel to Haiti and her living expenses. We encourage NPTA members, fans and followers to donate what they can to help Gladys make it to Haiti.
Donate through our fundraising page with credit card or PayPal account. If, for any reason, Gladys is unable to make it to Haiti, NPTA will donate all the money raised to Haiti relief funds.
Help this brave, generous pharmacy technician make it to Haiti.
You can donate as much or as little as you can, but remember even $10 will make a difference!
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