How to Network for the Job You Want


by Whitney Hummel, CPhT

The pharmacy technician field is expanding, and the possibilities in this field seem almost limitless these days. There are many ways to network to get the job you want.

Here are a few tips that have helped in my journey.


Significant Ways to Network For the Job You Are Looking For:

  • Social media: LinkedIn
  • Involvement in related organizations
  • Earning certifications


Social Media: LinkedIn

If you have not created a LinkedIn, I highly encourage you to make one as soon as possible. LinkedIn is a social media app where you can create a professional profile about yourself. Building your professional profile allows you to advertise so other professionals see you and your accomplishments. It's often the first impression of your potential employers and connections. If you are wondering what a connection is on LinkedIn, it is easy to connect with other professional colleagues without ever meeting them. Simply, it is a professional friend request. Connecting with colleagues on LinkedIn creates a more substantial network plus visibility to potential employers and colleagues.


Social media has existed for approximately two decades and has become normalized in our lives, even during the hiring process. Many employers do their homework before hiring an employee by looking at their social media, especially LinkedIn, to learn more about the potential candidate. So, if they are researching you, why not let them see a great profile that shows the best about you and your accomplishments? It is a chance to make you shine before they ever meet you.


Involvement in Related Organizations:

Several organizations encourage pharmacy technicians to join committees to help with ongoing projects. To be considered for one of these committees, applicants must apply and provide a resume or CV. If chosen to serve on a committee, you can connect with other technicians and share ideas in a professional forum. You also increase your visibility by being part of a professional organization working to advance the pharmacy technician profession.

The ASHP, APhA, and NPTA are examples of national professional pharmacy organizations. There are even state-level organizations, such as FSHP (Florida Society of Health-System Pharmacists).

These applications to join committees are usually accepted annually and are found on their website.


Earning Certifications:

Whether you are a seasoned technician practicing in the field or are a new technician, attaining certifications is a positive way to showcase your ambition, knowledge, and understanding of a specific skill set. In addition, having one or more certifications could set you apart from other candidates. Both visible and subtle details can help you stand out from the rest in an interview. The NPTA website has various certifications for pharmacy technicians to attain to increase their knowledge in this discipline.

I used a combination of these three examples to network with other colleagues and acquired a remote pharmacy operations position. In addition, attaining a few higher certifications helped emphasize my skillset, which helped professionals not overlook my qualifications and drive.

All three are essential for networking, but the credentials helped showcase my LinkedIn account. Being involved with these national pharmacy organizations allowed me to be on committees, speak at conferences, and write articles to share the knowledge I have gained.