How to Get into Becoming a Pharmacy Technician Instructor


by Wesley Usyak, CPhT

A Pharmacy Technician is an important position and is very rewarding. You may work in a retail or hospital pharmacy setting, and some Pharmacy Technicians stay in these settings and make it their career. Why is this? They enjoy helping their patients and feel rewarded for working in the healthcare community. However, other Pharmacy Technicians may question other career options and if they can apply their Pharmacy Technician experience. The answer to the question is "Yes." There are many different avenues to work besides retail and hospital settings. 

How does one become a Pharmacy Technician Instructor, and what will one do? Great question, Let's dive into these and get you informed. It takes a particular person to teach and, more importantly, train someone for a career. You have to possess the knowledge along with the skill. A Pharmacy Technician Instructor is an individual that teaches in a Pharmacy Technician training program or may even coordinate the program. The instructor provides real-life skills to students so that they can become Pharmacy Technicians. 

The Pharmacy Technician must be nationally certified through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). PTCB sets the national educational standard for certifying technicians. The requirements are to take a national exam and pass and maintain continuing education hours for certification renewal every two years. Keep in mind that if the educational training program is accredited, the Pharmacy Technician needs to have at least three years of experience in the field and at least five years to be the coordinator or director of the program. 

In addition, the minimum educational requirement, besides the national certification, is one degree higher than you teach. For example, if the Pharmacy Technician program offers a certificate, the individual teaching would need a minimum of an associate degree. Another consideration when considering this career path is the job itself. Pharmacy Technician Instructors have a different role than your "average" teacher. The instructor provides hands-on training besides a didactic component. The American Society of Health System Pharmacist (ASHP) provides a model training curriculum for Pharmacy Technician programs. If a Pharmacy Technician training program pursues accreditation, the individual directing the program needs a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field and an associate degree. 

The guideline is set to assure instructors can pass the career path knowledge to their students. In turn, a career as a Pharmacy Technician Instructor can be incredibly rewarding. An instructor takes their skills plus an educational requirement and trains the Pharmacy Technician. If you ever feel burned out or think you need a career change, this job may be an excellent fit. Remember, you must be nationally certified and have a college degree. 


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