Pharmacy Technology Pharmacy Technicians Should Become Familiar With


by Belinda Lugo, CPhT

First, the origins of Pharmacy as a means of living human ailments and alleviating human suffering are almost as old as humanity itself. The Pharmacist's role continues to expand as patient assessment becomes an increasingly important function, ensuring that the Patient-centered care that roots our history also directs our future. Then the growth of Pharmacist roles across the health care settings has led to the need for a comparable evolution in the responsibilities and functions of Pharmacy Technicians, and further expansion is likely on the horizon.

We have many reasons and expertise in the profession because Pharmacists expect Technicians to be trained to be able to process claims and be the life of the prescription area. It is our most important duty, and we need to successfully do it with knowledge of how prescriptions are filled and how insurances work to complete the process that today is based on technology.

We work all the time on computer workstations. Clients understand we are fast and reliable with the technology. Pharmacy is a service and time profession. The technology is evolving and embraced by the Pharmacy. Technology in Pharmacy wants customer service innovations. Today technology is integrated in the pharmacy operations.

The health care ecosystem uses several different kinds of technology. From robots to dispense medications, to augmented reality, 3D printers, fax, scanners, internet, in seconds claims process, bar codes that make easy work today and fast in the Pharmacy. Today, all that technology is in demand in our work.

The Pharmacy has a future that is digital. From order medications to process medications, to report and communicate with many providers for the Pharmacy we need to use technology. Technology is part of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) careers. Today STEAM careers are the most growing and best paid. So we are in a path that requires us to be familiar with Technology.

Pharmacist evolving roles make it important that Technicians be familiar with technology. They need us so they can do more duties like vaccination and counseling. Today Digital Health is an umbrella of categories that are holistic to the views of the patient. We now have digital tools like Pharmacy apps, for different reasons, that help the patient and our work. The north is to improve access, cost, and efficiency with a personalized medicine. Because today most patients use the internet.


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