Social Media Policies for Pharmacy Technicians


by Bridget Hanna, CPhT, Pharmacy Marketing and Social Media Specialist

As the world of pharmacy changes and adapts, the pharmacy technician’s role has expanded to include many new areas. As a certified pharmacy technician for over 12 years, I have absolutely loved working as a compounding technician, marketer, front-end sales, inventory manager, and social media marketing specialist. My experience and expertise in these roles have enabled me to create social media success for independent pharmacies.

Pharmacy technicians can be an excellent choice for managing pharmacy social media platforms. Many of the important skills that technicians hold, including communication, customer care, organization, multitasking, and attention to detail, will transfer to social media management.

Pharmacy technicians have various roles in independent pharmacies that continue to grow. During any given day, technicians will be completing tasks including:

• Customer Engagement
• Managing Inventory
• Stocking Front End
• Compounding in the Lab
• Administering Immunizations
• Billing and Prior-Authorizations
• Inputting and Filling Medications
• Medication Packaging

The list of pharmacy technician roles continues to grow each year. With all these tasks being performed, technicians will have great insights into these areas.

These insights can be converted into ideas for marketing and specifically for social media marketing. Pharmacy Technicians can provide various content ideas and inspiration for social media content. There are limitless opportunities in the content you can create for your pharmacy’s social media.

Pharmacy technicians can provide insights from:
• Frequently asked questions
• Special Requests
• New Products and Stock Updates
• Sales and Events
• Services
• Behind the Scenes

Converting these ideas and inspirations into your pharmacy’s social media content becomes a new skill set. Combining creative ideas, digital design, copyrighting, marketing strategy, and analyzing insights are just a few skills that will enable success with your pharmacy’s content.

As a pharmacy technician, you know your pharmacy, services, products, staff, and community. Taking this knowledge to connect, resonate and support your online community will mean truly understanding your audience.

You will also need to know your social media platforms. The platforms you will be using will have specific algorithms, rules, prioritized content, design specifications, and updates that will continue to change. Taking the initiative to learn your platforms and their updates will enable you to stay current and keep your content and strategy relevant for continued success.

Creating your content combines skills in writing your copy, creating your design, delivering your marketing message, and utilizing your data from insights and feedback. Communicating with your staff will support you with your content. You must use your creativity when gathering media, including photos and videos of products and services. A great eye for detail will enable you to capture media that grabs your follower’s attention.

Posting to social media will require your time management skills. You will need adequate time to research, create content, and plan and schedule your content. Planning is essential to ensure you have a strategic plan behind your posts and must post with a purpose. Monitoring your page is also very important to ensure that your page is running smoothly and that you can prevent inappropriate comments or content from trolls and bots. You must always protect your page.

Engagement is essential to nurture your followers and provide a value to following your page.
This means that your followers need to be responded to promptly. Questions may be asked in the comments or by direct message and should be treated as a priority. Prompt responses show your followers how much you value their needs.

Managing your pharmacy’s social media is more than just posting on a platform. You have the opportunity to build an online community that you can support through education. You educate your community on what your pharmacy can provide with your knowledge, products, and services. You can put your pharmacy in the spotlight to be seen as the expert in your community. Personalizing your page by introducing your staff and their specialties helps your followers and patients connect with your pharmacy and pharmacy team.

Many responsibilities come with successfully managing social media platforms. Social media management can take a dedication of time that varies depending on your page engagement, activity, and how consistently you are with posting. Pharmacy technicians can be an amazing option for managing a pharmacy’s social media. If you have the drive, skillset, time, and you are invested in the success of your pharmacy, this could be a great role for you to step into.