CPhT-Adv: Advanced Certified Pharmacy Technician

If you want to take your career as a pharmacy technician to new heights, you will soon be able to earn advanced certification. The new CPhT-Adv certification shows that you are willing to put in the work to deepen your knowledge of patient safety requirements. 

The PTCB is launching this new certification to allow pharmacy technicians to practice at a higher level. It also allows them to show dedication to career development and increased patient safety. Completing this process shows that as a pharmacy technician, you are willing to continue learning for the benefit of your patients. 

This higher level of certification can earn you an increase in pay. It can also give you access to greater employment opportunities. The work you put into earning your advanced certification will pay off in the long run. 

Advanced Pharmacy Tech Certification Requirements

In order to earn your CPhT-Adv certification, you’ll have to complete skill-based assessments in four areas. These certificates require a diverse knowledge base. Gaining this knowledge will make you a more well-rounded technician. 

There are six certificates available but you will only need to earn four of them to reach advanced certification. The choice of programs are:

  • Technician Product Verification
  • Medication History
  • Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention
  • Billing and Reimbursement
  • Hazardous Drug Management
  • Immunization Administration

You also need to be an active, certified PTCB pharmacy technician with at least three years of work experience. Each certification will also require you to complete PTCB-approved coursework. NPTA is currently developing high-quality programming to meet these requirements. 

Like your CPhT certification, you’ll need to meet certain continuing education requirements to maintain your CPhT-Adv certification. Our hours of ACPE-accredited CE programming gives you access to a wide range of opportunities to meet these requirements. You’ll also need to renew your CPhT-Adv certificate on a regular basis. 

Pharmacy Technician Product Verification Certificate

The Technician Product Verification Certificate shows a deeper knowledge of patient safety and best practices for avoiding dispensing errors. It involves having a better understanding of final verification processes. It also includes double-checking automated dispensing and the work of other technicians. 

A TPV certification shows that you have a high attention to detail. You’re committed to accuracy and being diligent about quality control. The exam includes ensuring that the number and type of medication being prescribed matches the label exactly. 

This test involves checking for errors on labels and requires a high level of attentiveness. The 120 question exam includes questions about calculating dosage and determining the amount of medication to dispense. It also includes verifying packaging is not damaged and expiration dates are current.

In order to qualify for the exam, you must be a current PTCB licensed technician. You also must complete a PTCB-Recognized Education or Training program or a state-board approved validation program.


Our NPTA Technician Product Verification Program can give you the skills you need to pass this



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Medication History Certification

A Medication History Certification allows you to take some of the responsibility for the patient safely off the plate of your pharmacist. By gathering accurate medication histories, you are able to prevent prescription errors. Your verification processes will prevent medication mistakes such as incorrect dosing and quantities. 

This certification is based on passing a 70-question multiple-choice exam. The one hour and twenty-minute test is computer-based and consists of the following:

  • 45% Concepts and Terminology of Medical History

  • 55% Patient Safety and Quality Assurance Strategies

There are two ways to earn eligibility to take the Medication History exam. You can gain twelve months of experience

conducting patient Medication Histories. You can also qualify if you have six months of experience but complete a PTCB-recognized Medication History Education/Training like the course offered by the NPTA.


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Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention

The Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention Certification gives you the knowledge on how to prevent diversion of controlled substances, which could lead to safer patient care and safer communities.

To complete the certification, you must demonstrate your competency in sessions such as:

  • Consequences of diversion
  • Signs of impaired health-care workers
  • Areas of vulnerability in procurement, preparation, and dispensing, prescribing, administration, and waste/removal processes
  • Types and functions of security control measures, devices, and software to detect and prevent diversion
  • DEA requirements for registration, record keeping, and conducting physical inventories
  • Identifying suspicious data patterns, product tampering, and fraudulent prescriptions
Earn your certificate by passing the 70 multiple-choice questions while given the 1.5 hours for the exam broken up in this way:

  • Controlled Substance Diversion 9%
  • Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention Program 30%
  • DEA Requirements 38%
  • Surveillance and Investigation 23%

 In order to be eligible, you must have an active PTCB CPhT Certification and complete a PTCB-Recognized

Controlled Substances Diversion Prevention Education/Training Program.

 The Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention Exam cost is $89.


To learn more about NPTA’s related training programs, such as the Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention, click here.


Billing & Reimbursement

The Billing and Reimbursement Certification gives you the proficiency in managing billing and reimbursement in a pharmacy setting. After earning this certification, you will show your proficiency in:

  • Insurance programs and eligibility requirements
  • Claim processing and adjudication
  • Prior authorizations
  • CMS audits and contract compliance
Earn your certificate by passing the 70 multiple-choice questions while given the 1.5 hours for the exam broken up in this way:
  • Programs and Eligibility 20%
  • Claims Processing and Adjudication 48%
  • Prior Authorization 20%
  • Audits and Compliance 12%
To be eligible for this exam, you must have an active PTCB CPhT Certification and complete one of the following eligibility pathways:

  1.  Completion of PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program for the Billing and Reimbursement Certificate and at least 6 months of experience as a pharmacy technician

  2.  At least 12 months of pharmacy technician experience; at least 50% of which must be committed to pharmacy billing and reimbursement functions

The Billing and Reimbursement Exam cost is $89.

To learn more about NPTA’s related training programs, such as Billing & Reimbursement, click here.


Hazardous Drug Management

The Hazardous Drug Management Certification offers you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge on the requirements for managing hazardous drugs as well as showing that you are prepared to help ensure the safety of the facility.

Earning your certification will show your competency in:

  • Features and characteristics of facilities and engineering controls
  • Processes and procedures for cleaning facilities where hazardous drugs are handled
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements
  • Procedures for transporting, receiving, and handling hazardous medications
  • Dispensing final dosage forms
  • Federal regulations pertaining to the disposal of hazardous drugs
Earn your certificate by passing the 70 multiple-choice questions while given the 1.5 hours for the exam broken up in this way:
  • Engineering Controls 22%
  • Facility Cleaning 16%
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 13%
  • Transport & Receiving 11%
  • Dispensing Final Dosage Forms 16%
  • Administrative 22%

To be eligible for the exam, you must have an active PTCB CPhT Certification and complete a PTCB-Recognized Hazardous Drug Management Education/Training Program.

The Hazardous Drug Management Exam cost is $89.

To learn more about NPTA’s Hazardous Drug Management training program click here.



Immunization Administration

The Immunization Administration Certificate gives you an understanding of:

  • How to deliver immunizations safely
  • Immunization schedules
  • Management and storage of immunization supplies
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other supplies needed for protection of health care workers and patients
Earn your certificate by passing the 60-question multiple choice exam while given 1 hour and 35 minutes, which will be broken up in this way:

  • Concepts/Terminology of Vaccine Administration 30%
  • Vaccine Safety and Administration 50%
  • Documentation, Product Handling, and Adverse Reaction Management for Vaccines 20%

To be eligible for this exam, you must hold an active PTCB CPhT Certification and complete a PTCB-Recognized Immunization Administration Education/Training Program.

The Immunization Administration Exam Cost is $39.

To learn more about NPTA's Immunization Administration training program, click here.


Preparing for Your Certification Exams

No matter which four certifications you choose, our PTCB-required coursework will help you prepare for your exam. We will help you meet the requirements to qualify for the exam. With your member discount, you will have access to affordable preparation tools.