How to complete a CE program on the website.

1. Login to the website.

2. Under the CE button, click on the link for Online CE

3. Choose which CE program you would like to complete and click on the date range link (in blue) listed under the course.

4. Select your membership category and click on the appropriate Register Button.

5. You will then be taken to your profile page to make any needed edits. When done, click on Proceed at the bottom.

6. You will be taken to your “Cart” for the course registration.
       • If you are an NPTA Elite or NPTA CE+ member, there should be no charge. Click Proceed.
       • If you are an NPTA Insider you will be prompted to enter your payment information.

7. On the enrollment confirmation page, click on the blue here link at the top of the page where it says, To access your online course(s), click here. 8. You will also receive an email confirmation that also provides a link to the course.

8. You will now see that the course is presented in two sections.
    You must complete each component of Section 1, in order, to access the post-test.
       • First, click on and review Course Overview
       • Next, click on and review Course Content
       • Then, click on and complete the Course Evaluation.
        You must complete the course evaluation before you will be able to access the post-test in Section 2.

9. After you submit the Evaluation, you will be able to click on Section 2, and then click on the Course Post-Test.