Pharmacy Technician Immunization Administration

Throughout the pandemic, pharmacy technicians have demonstrated their ability and willingness to play a vital and direct role in safely administering immunization, in both adult and pediatric patients.

 NPTA is calling on all states, whether through the State Board of Pharmacy or State Legislatures, to make permanent the authorization for qualified pharmacy technicians to continue administering immunizations.

If you support this, we ask that you fill out the form HERE so that we can call on you to assist in advocating for this issue in the state that you reside and practice in.

Below is a list of specific states that we are currently working with on this topic. If you live or work in any of these states, please click on the appropriate link below to have your voice of support heard by the appropriate individuals/organizations.

  • Nebraska
    LB 812 calls for amending section 38-2891, Revised Statutes Supplement, 2021, of the Pharmacy Practice Act, to provide for vaccine administration by pharmacy technicians.