How to Find Hidden Job Opportunities for Certified Pharmacy Technicians


by Edgar Galvan

No matter what field you choose to go into, going through the process of finding job opportunities may seem overwhelming. And, at times, it can be!

The pharmacy field is no different than any other field, in that many job opportunities are there for the taking but you just have to know what to look for and who to ask.

Of course, there are your typical job boards, which are designed to help job seekers find what seems like endless job opportunities in one place to really maximize their chance of being matched with the right employer.

Job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, or Monster are just a few selections you may have heard of and may already be using when searching for the right job for you.

But do these job boards really serve as the best chance for you to find a job in a pharmacy?

There are also pharmacy specific job boards such as JobRxNPTA Job Board, and the PTCB Job Board to find the more selective and field specific jobs for you, but even then there is a chance you may not find the exact job you are looking for, whether that be the specific pharmacy you want based on people, location, or company.

In Mike Johnston’s, CPhT, Ultimate Career Navigator, he goes in depth about what to do and what to expect when looking for a job in the pharmacy field, highlighting the best tips and tricks to use to increase your chance of finding that right place for you (in addition to a ton of other topics).

Johnston points out that roughly 50% of positions get filled when there are no openings and nothing is posted on a job board.

You know why that is? NETWORKING!

According to Johnston, finding a job outside of a job board is all about your contacts.

You don’t have to worry though… you don’t need to have all the contacts lined up at the beginning! It’s a process... and Mike walks you through step-by-step.

This strategy DOUBLES your potential job opportunities! By putting yourself out there, you can increase the chance of you being noticed, especially when it comes to jobs that are not posted on a job board.

In Ultimate Career Navigator, many topics surrounding the idea of your approach toward these unposted jobs are covered, but one that may be very interesting to learn about would be the two most important strategies when finding hidden job opportunities.

Johnston goes more into depth about the two strategies in the video, but as an overview, he points out that you can take a passive approach or an active approach. The choice is ultimately yours when finding hidden job opportunities.

Of course, there are other ways to find these jobs, but ultimately it comes down to your approach. Many factors can play a part in what approach you choose, but regardless of the route you go with, it is still a great step to put yourself out there and find the jobs that no one else knows exist!

To learn more about this and other strategies to find bigger and better job opportunities, take a look at Mike Johnston’s, CPhT, Ultimate Career Navigator by clicking here or going to