Here, you will find all resources needed for your own well-being and resiliency. Now that COVID-19 has emerged and made life more hectic in many ways, the need for self-care has never been more important.

In your line of work, the need for self-care of the upmost importance… next to the well-being of those you provide services for, of course!

These links provide: 

  • Videos regarding discussions with dealing with your own well-being and mental health

  • Articles on how other organizations have managed their worker’s well-being/resiliency, discussions on coping with COVID-19’s effects on mental health of health workers, and safe practices regarding well-being and resiliency

  • Other links to journals, PowerPoints, and hotlines that may be helpful in boosting your mental health and well-being


Videos for Well-Being and Resiliency

Yoga Apothecary – Yoga at Home with Seena

A yoga channel designed to make meditation easy by Health and Wellness Coach, Seena

Well-Being of Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 Webinar – The National Center of Disaster Medicine and Public Health

A webinar produced by The National Center of Disaster Medicine and Public Health to highlight issues regarding human performance and mental health concerns during the COVID-19 crisis

Mental Health Support for COVID-19 Health Care Workers – John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

A discussion produced by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health about resilience for health care workers. Dr. Albert Wu, co-director of RISE – Resilience in Stressful Events - speaks on what can be done to mitigate anxiety and stress during COVID-19 


Articles for Well-Being and Resiliency

How Johnson & Johnson Advances Well-Being and Resilience for Frontline Health Workers in COVID-19 

A piece on how Johnson & Johnson combats the stressors that have risen due to COVID-19 and what resources they provide


Tips for Taking Care of Yourself – CDC Emergency Responders 

A breakdown from the CDC regarding signs of burnout and stress and ways to overcome these stressors


Resources for Healthcare Professionals Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic – The Schwartz Center 

Quick tips on self-care, staying connected, as well as other resources for your every need regarding well-being


How to Deal with Stress in a Healthcare Setting – Health Administration Degrees 

Helpful tips for dealing with stress regarding lack of control, patient welfare, external regulations, performance issues, and time management


A Rapid Review of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of Healthcare Workers: Implications for Supporting Psychological Well-Being 

A review on studies performed concerning health and social care workers and the stressors that arise as a result of their occupation and COVID-19


Clinician Well-Being Is Essential for Safe, High-Quality Patient Care – National Academy of Medicine 

A breakdown of burnout for a variety of different positions within healthcare as well as other well-being resources during COVID-19


Stay Motivated Part I – Combat Burnout with Resilience by American Pharmacists Association

A home study on how to better combat burnout by American Pharmacists Association. Part one of a three-part activity


Stay Motivated Part II – Emotional Intelligence by American Pharmacists Association 

A home study on how to handle and control emotional intelligence in the work-place by American Pharmacists Association. Part two of a three-part activity


Stay Motivated Part III – Your Path to Resilience by American Pharmacists Association 

A home study on coming to terms with resilience within yourself and using that to help combat stressors in the future by American Pharmacists Association. Part three of a three-part activity


Other Helpful Links

Helpful Handouts from CSTS Online 

A list of helpful resources linked by Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress


2021 Mental Health Resource List – Nursing License Map 

Various links to helpful resources regarding sleep, movement, healthy eating, counseling and support, mindfulness, entertainment, and positive attitudes


National Academy of Medicine (NAM) – Clinical Well-Being Knowledge Hub 

A hub for better understanding what burnout is and how it effects well-being, especially during COVID-19


Caring for Health Care Workers During Crisis – American Medical Association 

A journal by American Medical Association breaking down how to create a resilient organization 


Starting the Conversation About Depression and Suicide Prevention by American Pharmacists Association

Links to various hotlines and other helpful resources regarding depression and suicide prevention

If you are having Suicidal Thoughts – Call the National Suicide Prevention 24-hour hotline at 800-273-8255.