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The Importance of Stress Management in the Pharmacy

In general pharmacy practice, we are hit with stress that we cannot control. So how can we limit something “out of our hands?” I find that you must understand that everyone is different. Not everyone will appreciate your answer, nor will they see your logic of understanding as right all the time. Read More.

Dealing with Controlled Substance Diversion

Drug diversion can happen to many people in different locations and pharmacies, and sometimes it happens with people you are close to or would never suspect. Don’t let your feelings or emotions cloud your judgment. Trust the facts and the documentation. Having worked several narcotic diversion cases with NCIS, DEA, and NC-SBI, let me tell you a little about dealing with narcotic diversion and investigations. Read More.

How to Increase Medication Adherence

As a pharmacist working in a clinic in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, there is hardly a day that goes by where I don’t encounter numerous refill requests whereby the patient appears not to be taking their medication as prescribed by their physician or healthcare provider. Do you experience this in your pharmacy? Read More.

What to Do When There are Medication Errors in the Pharmacy

Every time we fill an order or a prescription correctly, we are helping our patients get better. However, if we make an error, we could potentially harm or even kill someone’s loved one!!!! Something that we would never want to experience. As pharmacy technicians, we are responsible for keeping our patients safe!!! Read More.

Drug Interactions Pharmacy Technicians Should Know About

Pharmacy Technicians have a key role in the prescription process. In a retail environment, they are usually the first thing a customer will see. In a hospital environment, their role is vital to prepare an IV/injection prescription order within minutes. Read More.

The Top Online Pharmacy Technician Schools

As humans, one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves is an education. The investment in an education can lead to many different and unique opportunities in life. Some of us know exactly what we want to do and where we want to go to make those educational dreams come true, such as the college we attend, but it may not be that simple for others.  Read More.

Pharmacy Technicians and the #PizzaIsNotWorking Movement

The #PizzaIsNotWorking movement is a catchphrase to show that pharmacy staff is not motivated by an occasional pizza. This movement was started by Bled Tanoe, PharmD, and has since caught fire across social media, highlighting the more significant issue. In the pharmacy profession, we are healthcare providers that many patients see on a regular basis, some as often as weekly. Read More.

Six Ways to Increase Your Accuracy as a Pharmacy Technician

What is accuracy? Freedom from mistake or error. There are various ways to increase your accuracy as a pharmacy technician and various websites to help you in the long run. Being a certified pharmacy technician for over 11 years, I have had to learn different ways to help through the day.  Read More.

How to Win Over an Angry Patient

How did you encounter angry patients over the past two years? • Is it through face-to-face conversations? • Could it be phone calls to your pharmacy? • What about through pharmacy emails? • How about through pharmacy website messaging systems? • Or maybe family members of a patient in a hospital? This has been a very tough past two years for pharmacy technicians, and we are tired of being told the same thing to assuage our emotional fatigue. Read More.

Eight Unique Career Options for Pharmacy Technicians That Aren’t in Retail or Hospital

So you may have recently read a blog post about “How Pharmacy Technicians Do More Than Count Pills” and might be thinking, “That’s great, but what if I don’t want to work in a hospital or retail?” Maybe you’re already working in those settings and need a change. Maybe hospitals creep you out. Perhaps you spent a summer as a sales clerk and vowed never to work in retail again. Read More.

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