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How to Win Over an Angry Patient

How did you encounter angry patients over the past two years? • Is it through face-to-face conversations? • Could it be phone calls to your pharmacy? • What about through pharmacy emails? • How about through pharmacy website messaging systems? • Or maybe family members of a patient in a hospital? This has been a very tough past two years for pharmacy technicians, and we are tired of being told the same thing to assuage our emotional fatigue. Read More.

Eight Unique Career Options for Pharmacy Technicians That Aren’t in Retail or Hospital

So you may have recently read a blog post about “How Pharmacy Technicians Do More Than Count Pills” and might be thinking, “That’s great, but what if I don’t want to work in a hospital or retail?” Maybe you’re already working in those settings and need a change. Maybe hospitals creep you out. Perhaps you spent a summer as a sales clerk and vowed never to work in retail again. Read More.

The Top Three Things to Remember as a Pharmacy Technician

Working as a pharmacy technician requires a lot to remember for the job. There's memorizing brand and generic names, accurately processing prescriptions from start to finish, reconstituting or compounding formulas, and computing basic math calculations. With all that’s required, becoming a well-rounded technician comes with time and experience. Therefore, you must remember the things that will help increase your effectiveness to yield rewarding outcomes! Read More.

Finding Opportunities as a Pharmacy Technician during The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation of 2021 was a wild ride, with people quitting their jobs because they were burnt out from being overworked and underappreciated. What does this mean for pharmacy technicians? Did you find yourself as one of those who quit, or are you barely holding on because you are so burnt out with no relief? Read More.

What to Study for the CPhT Certification Exam

Are you trying to advance your career as a pharmacy technician by becoming a CPhT? There are two ways to go about it... taking the ExCPT or the PTCE. The ExCPT and the PTCE both require lots of training and studying. Here are the basic requirements for both exams as well as the topics covered and some great resources for studying available.  Read More.

How to Survive a 12-Hour Shift

During your career, you will more than likely endure a 12-hour shift. Are you already asking yourself, “How will I survive a 12-hour shift?” Well, there may be a time you may want the extra hours, or you may be asked on the spot to stay and help the team out. Either way, surviving a 12-hour shift is not as bad as it may seem. I will share a few helpful tips on surviving a 12- hour shift no matter the circumstances!  Read More.

How to Improve Your Workflow in the Pharmacy

Everyone alive has some flow, or ritual, for how they do everything. Everyone knows that the easiest, most straightforward way is the most e?cient way to do it. No, that’s not true. Not everyone knows this, though; it is innate knowledge to me. I am always looking for new ways to do things. It all starts with a goal.  Read More.

How to Cope with Being Short-Staffed in the Pharmacy

Pharmacy staff worldwide feel overwhelmed, overworked, burnt out, and understaffed in every type of pharmacy environment. Increased responsibilities or additional tasks can be quite stressful in an already overloaded workplace. These concerns are very common these days due to the pandemic and can also be common on a regular basis, depending on. Thus, an individual and a team must cope with these issues to keep workflow efficient and decrease chances of errors. Read More.

The Top 5 Mistakes Made in Pharmacies and Tips for Preventing Them

Both retail and institutional pharmacy environments have multiple tasks going on simultaneously. For example, phones can be ringing, while a patient is awaiting an influenza or a Covid-19 test in the pharmacy drive-thru, and a stat order is received from the hospital floor. Read More.

Why Do Pharmacy Technicians Need to be Registered?

Originally pharmacy technicians were simply assistants to pharmacists. Over many years we have evolved to do more and more complex activities. Often, pharmacists used to own their small shops and could complete all the required duties on their own. Read More.

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